Your Sure Fire Way to More Energy

Where do I start?

A diagram depicting Yoga of Immortals (YOI) and its benefits?

A mind map explaining each stage?

           …or just a story from my heart to yours.

Born and bred as a South African, I was exposed to numerous cultures and meditative platforms. To my surprise yoga always prevailed as the ultimate exercise. I was exposed to Yoga of Immortals at a stage in my life when the whole world was going through a pandemic crisis. Practicing YOI, the transformation to my health and energy was phenomenal!

I had also been practicing Hatha Yoga from the tender age of ten. Now at 47, practicing simple YOI protocols, I have more zeal, energy, and charisma than when I was younger to absolutely overcome anything that comes my way. My family and children think I have gone ‘bonkers’ because I am so full of energy and zest for life.  But it’s a very good thing for me. My children always tell me,  “…you’re always on that APP, Mum.” Well, I am on that YOI APP! As a woman and mother doing so much for others, I need to keep my energy high and my outlook super positive – YOI does that for me in spades!

I have now introduced YOI to my young adult son at university. All he could say was, “Mum, I go into a deep sleep when I listen to the meditation, it revives me so much, I can study longer. This APP is awesomeness!” Even my 69 year old Mum is hooked on it too! 

So many times I have friends, family, or neighbors calling me for advice on health issues, financial problems, sleep deprivation, headaches, and lack of concentration… the list goes on and on – AND my immediate answer is always, “Get the YOI APP – or I will give it to you as the best gift you have ever received!”

Inevitably they always ask: “Why?” 

Well, how do you explain in words the incredible genius of Ishan Shivanand, founder and expert of YOI, dynamic Himalayan monk, world travelled mindfulness mentor, performance coach, motivational speaker who is definitely on a quest to “make good people better”?  I do my best to explain his global footprint and how he has been invited by Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIN, Facebook, Uber, and Boeing to name but a few corporate giants who look to Ishan Shivanand to reduce their employees sick leave by teaching their employees YOI ancient and powerful protocols. This increases employee  productivity and efficiency and diminishes sick days. The result is that these companies have healthy and happy employees, which makes the shareholders, clients and customers happier too.  There is so much to know about this young dynamic YOI founder – if you wish, you can do your own research as his credentials, experience and background are found on  LinkedIN (under Ishan Shivanand and Yoga of Immortals), Facebook and Instagram.

The YOI sadhanas (a very deep, ancient form of meditation for which there exists no English word) and protocols are sourced directly from the Himalayan yogi masters of India. Ishan has shared these teachings which were passed down to him from his father, Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, master and expert of the complete YOI ancient powerful system which is thousands and thousands of years old. Ishan then designed the YOI series for the modern world from these ancient Himalayan and ancient India Yoga of Immortals secrets in order to revive and revitalize any person on all levels. YOI practice enables you to release (not just manage) but to completely release daily stress as well as release accumulated negative emotions or traumas of the past. You can completely and totally recreate and energize  yourself with these ancient and powerful YOI protocols.

Yoga of Immortals befits its beautiful name. With its 3 stages over a few short weeks time period, the practice is usually done morning and evening.  These YOI practical sessions are between 30 to 60 minutes in duration and are super boosting for optimum health, immunity and energy.

The morning YOI session releases stress and gives you an abundance of energy, whereas the evening YOI session puts you into a deep and relaxed mode which releases many people from the grip of insomnia. It has been scientifically and medically proven in a clinical study completed in 2020 that YOI protocols caused 82% of participants’ sleep patterns in this clinical study who had moderate to severe insomnia to normalize after only 8 short weeks of practicing YOI. That is incredible!

It is now my new gift to give friends the YOI APP who are looking for more than just yoga and meditation. They are looking for something deeper that is a complete powerful wellness system which will help them in all areas of their life. They are all excited about how their anxiety and stress levels decrease, and how young they feel mentally and physically. Yoga of Immortals protocols are so effective and powerful that many people ask practitioners of YOI why they look so rested, vibrant, peaceful and young.

Allow me now to share a personal experience on how YOI revived, revitalized and recreated me.

Last year in early August, I fell down the stairs and gave myself an iceberg fracture which are small fractures which usually mean big trouble as they strongly affect the adjacent ligaments and soft tissues of the area.

Did I despair and do invasive treatment or did I continue with my YOI practice?

My gut told me don’t stop the YOI, keep going. I just kept doing the best I could with my limitations and permitted the rejuvenation process to begin. I spent six weeks in a bootleg and I still managed to do the YOI upper body protocols and  sadhanas (very deep meditations based on ancient yogic meditations and kriyas). The daily YOI protocols I believe sped up my healing progress tremendously. A surge of hope to repeat the YOI sessions cycle for another 21 days allowed me to master the protocols. I felt it in my core that practicing YOI diligently healed me physically, mentally, and emotionally. To prove my hunch that the YOI processes were  really speeding up my healing and that my recovery was really solid, I went for X-Rays and scans. The results? There was massive improvement in a short time!

It’s now been 11 months since the fracture and I have even started running and hiking. I am feeling on top of the world! This was only on the physical level, on the mental level, I felt unstoppable! Practicing the Yoga of Immortals protocols puts you in a very positive mindset as the practitioner clears out any negative belief systems which may have been holding them back from their best life.

A friend and I joined a lockdown wellness challenge during Covid on a Facebook page. We had to post wellness articles every 5th day to boost and encourage the community and anyone on Facebook who joined in. Every time I completed a YOI session, I would get very inspired to write. This spurred me and my friend to write a post survival kit called, ‘Revive, Revitalize and Recreate Yourself’ that was published on Amazon. I dedicated our book to Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand who is the master and expert of YOI protocols and sadhanas sourced directly from the  yogi masters of India including the Himalayas. I am so grateful to him for sharing these amazing and powerful YOI secrets with the world. My amazing recovery on every level, and all this during the Covid pandemic was only possible because of my daily YOI practice. I practiced YOI diligently every day and it paid off for me big time!

Because of my experience of transformation, healing and huge positive changes in my life on all levels due to practicing YOI protocols, I feel the need to share this information with anyone who may be interested. I personally feel it will effectively help anyone tremendously on the physical, emotional and mental levels. YOI has been scientifically proven in the medical study (2020) led by a team of global doctors to eradicate anxiety in 75% of participants in 8 short weeks of practice as well as reduce moderate to severe depression in 72% of participants experiencing moderate to severe depression. Practicing with the YOI APP daily has certainly done wonders for me and my family even during these times. I encourage anyone who wants a complete positive transformation in their relationships, prosperity level and wellness to use the YOI APP as I have.  You will thrive relationship wise, as well as physically, mentally, socially, environmentally, financially, and soulfully – in every single way. Yoga of Immortals is a positive and powerful complete transformative ancient yogic wellness system which will work wonders in your life. I know I have felt like my path is now unfolding like ‘magic’ and all the positive things I always wanted in my life, I am now attracting.

“Practising Yoga of Immortals allowed me to finally heal and transform myself from a severe car accident 16 years ago that left me severely debilitated. This debilitation was not only on the physical level, but on the emotional and mental levels as well. Depression and anxiety were constant companions for me. Then after years of suffering, I was introduced to the ancient YOI protocols by a wonderful lady from India who had been practising these Yoga of Immortals protocols for many years. As I began practising YOI diligently, I began to notice transformation in myself on all levels. Yoga of Immortals has worked wonders for me. The PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) I experienced for 13 years from the accident is now gone as well as the chronic pain syndrome. I had to use a cane for many years after the accident because of a neck, back and pelvis injury. After practising Yoga of Immortals protocols for a time, I was able to throw away the cane I had been using for 7 years! I used to have to lay down on the couch daily for hours and hours with no energy day in and day out for years and just watch my life go by from the living room window.  I am now full of energy all day, the insomnia I experienced for over a decade is no longer, I have beautiful sleep. I am able to manifest positivity and abundance in my life. I am now well and happy and have even been able to improve my marriage and family relationships significantly. I am no longer emotionally triggered like I was before, and I really love and enjoy my family time now. Yoga of Immortals absolutely gave me my life back.” 

–  Margaret, 53 years young, lives in New Brunswick near Maine, USA

“I would say to first know who you are. Most people do not understand that we are a soul, a light. It (YOI) benefited me by understanding that you can heal yourself with that light (that positive energy) when you connect to it by using the modalities of Yoga of Immortals.” 

– Hansa, 70 years, lives in Benoni Gauteng, South Africa

“My Yoga of Immortals daily practice allows me to calm my mind; thereby, not reacting to stressful situations at work and at home. This gives me the mental clarity at work to make the right decision at the right time, both personally and in my business life.” 

– Kendall, 52 years, lives in Bear Island, NB, Canada

“Very well-structured and a balanced program to purify the physical, etheric and mental body. Sessions went from easy to advanced so the body can get used to the exercises as we progress. Each YOI session we practiced for a minimum of one week to master the exercises. Lastly, doing YOI assisted me in my Sadhana.” (deep ancient yogic meditation)

– Neeta, 59 years, lives in Mayfair, Gauteng, South Africa

“It (YOI) helps clarity of mind, deep spiritual experiences, a more meaningful life with a much clearer, more focused sense of purpose.” 

– Sanjay, 47 years, lives in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

“Yoga of Immortals helped me calm my mind, improve my sleep patterns, and helped me heal within.” 

– Shama, 35 years, lives in Boxsburg, Gauteng, South Africa

“It (YOI) settles your mind, heart, and soul. Re-energizes you. Gives you a sense of peace.” 

– Ishaan, 20 years, lives in Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa

“Yoga of Immortals made my mental state healthy again.” 

– Sunaa, 17 years, lives in NB, Canada

Here are some pearls of wisdom from people of all walks of life who are practising Yoga of Immortals who explain the benefits they have experienced:

A big thank you to the YOI practitioners mentioned above for sharing a brief word about how Yoga of Immortals has positively helped them so much in their day to day lives.

As I wind down in the writing of this article, like a child, I cannot help but find that pure place in my heart and feel so much gratitude to the Yoga of Immortals founder, Ishan Shivanand, for sharing these ancient and powerful life transforming protocols.

Yoga of Immortals has changed my life in such a positive manner that tears fill my eyes in gratitude to be part of something so transformational. I am happy for the opportunity to share my version of why I feel Yoga of Immortals will fill your life with joy, vitality, success, wisdom, and above all a path to finding your true self. I am grateful to the universe to be part of this journey called life and for all the wonderful benefits I have received by practising YOI.

This knowledge goes beyond simple yoga and meditation. To me, Yoga of Immortals is the best gift ever! As I practice Yoga of Immortals, I feel I am becoming who I really am: an example of a human being full of unconditional love and acceptance. May it benefit you and the world in the positive ways it has and continues to benefit me, my family, friends & surroundings. And may everyone in the world who so chooses be blessed by the positive ‘out of this world’ benefits the ancient practice of ‘Yoga of Immortals’ can bring to your life too.

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