How to Restructure Your Childhood – the YOI Way

What could be your favorite childhood memory? The summer vacations at your Granny’s house or the long sunny play days?

This question may conjure up beautiful and happy memories for you – I personally feel there is nothing more beautiful than childhood. However, I do know this is not true for everyone.

In a recent study conducted in ‘Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’ by the University of Vermont, VA, USA – it was found that childhood depression is both a leading cause of stress and a possible risk factor for future diseases and impairment. The tender age of learning and exploring the world with absolute innocence is lost as depression may kick in for some children between the ages of 9 and 16. Girls are more prone to depression than boys.

We all are attracted to certain people, food or colors and it has a direct correlation to our childhood memories. I guess that says a lot about the decisions we make as they are rooted in our childhood memories and experiences. Think of it like a preloaded app in your new phone.

The question is, how can we make better decisions today to help our children? How can we help our children be resilient and happy and avoid anxiety, depression and insomnia? The answer to this question is within you. Literally, all you need to do is find the trigger within your mind’s memories and experiences and release it so it no longer affects you negatively. Simpler said than done. I have found an answer for myself and my children, perhaps I may have found an answer for you too you would like to explore?

It is called Yoga of Immortals (YOI)

Many times, we need a guide or mentor to help us identify these triggers or negative reactions. This could save you time and effort: check out ‘Yoga of Immortals’ for adults and kids.

Yoga of Immortals (YOI) is a holistic, complete and systematic method of wellness sourced directly from the Himalayan yogi masters of ancient India. The founder of Yoga Immortals, Ishan Shivanand, is a Himalayan Monk who is on a mission to help ‘good people become better’. Ishan Shivanand has spent the first 30 years of his life mastering these ancient sadhanas. There exists no word in the English language that can explain accurately what ‘sadhana’ really is. It must be experienced. These sadhanas are profound and sacred ancient yogic meditations which for thousands and thousands of years were only passed down from one Yogi master to the next. Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, Ishan Shivanand’s father, is the current Himalayan Shiv Yogi master. Ishan Shivanand has taken these ancient YOI protocols and crafted them into a powerful modern practice easily practised by people in today’s world. He understands the need of the hour for people to easily release accumulated stress and negative emotions and traumas relating to the modern world in which we live. He has designed YOI sessions for all age groups: adults and children alike in order to create physical, emotional and mental balance and health.

If you find you are still being triggered by certain childhood experiences, traumas or even daily accumulated stress in the form of negative emotions, you may want to check out YOI’s impressive track record in releasing these unwanted emotions that could be causing anxiety and depression.

It has been scientifically proven in a medical study (completed in June 2020 with 1,000 participants) that Yoga of Immortals will effectively help in releasing emotional triggers or beliefs of childhood or the past that may have interfered with a person living their best and healthiest life for years or even decades. This scientific medical study was carried out by a global team of doctors and the results were quite astounding. The results proved that 82% of participants who were experiencing moderate to severe insomnia, their sleep patterns began to improve within 3 weeks of YOI practice and continued to improve and normalize into week 8 of the study. Other results were also very positive: there was a 75% reduction in moderate to severe anxiety, a 72% reduction in moderate to severe depression, and a 77% improvement in quality of life. These results are extremely encouraging for anyone suffering from anxiety, insomnia or depression.

These Yoga of Immortals scientifically proven results are very encouraging for people who want to seek complete health, happiness, fulfilment and harmony in their lives. And what makes these results so positive is that this study took place globally at  the beginning of the pandemic when there were a lot of unknown factors and global anxiety was at its height. So many people going through the pandemic and who are also practising YOI protocols are sailing through the emotional challenges of the global pandemic even today. Practising the ancient Yoga of Immortals protocols and meditations enables the person to release those negative and emotional traumas of the past on every level. Would you like to turn a difficult childhood into something better so there are positive spin offs in your life in the present and those negative emotional triggers are a thing of the past? Would you like to possess a wonderful quality of life and experience peace all day long too?

The global pandemic has taught us a few lessons and I believe the biggest one the pandemic may have pointed to is: our mental health.

We may have been ignoring our mental health for far too long. Most of us do not want to admit it, but our mental health really needs to be a priority or everything else falls apart. Ignoring our mental health will not make it better. It’s very important for us to look after ourselves in this way.  In fact, even the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that people who do not exercise or practice yoga are much more prone to mental health related problems. The Yoga of Immortals (YOI) impressive scientific medical study results, as discussed above, are a proven, effective remedy and cure to such modern problems as anxiety, depression and insomnia: and this in such a short time of practice as well.

Is it our responsibility to find the best within us and to share the best of ourselves with the world? Is it our social and parental responsibility to offer the best to our children and encourage them to find daily inner peace and happiness as well? Can a new wonderful practice of Yoga of Immortals do that? This author truly believes it can.

When we are born, we are all made up of innocence, love and kindness like an ever curious child always wondering and exploring the wonders of life. Like most young children, we all have so much confidence. We own our world, we have the confidence to break apart an object and re-engineer it with all our concentration. We are all unique in our choices and which games we love to play. We are so happy and joyful!

Then something happens… What exactly it is is certainly difficult to put a finger on. Our confidence gets shaken, we get scared at school, we fear we won’t ‘fit in’ with the other kids. Will I be included in the games? Will the other kids like me and want to invite me to play too? We change who we are to please another. The teacher yells at us. We get pushed aside or ignored by friends or family. We feel hurt.

As children, we interpret some of these experiences as ‘bad’ and develop strong negative impressions or traumas around these experiences. Innocence gets lost, our confidence and love for ourselves is shaken and changes…

Perhaps now as an adult, you may have wondered: Why have I not achieved my goals as yet? Why am I not in a career I find fulfilling? Why am I not a millionaire or billionaire? Why am I unhappy in my family life or with my spouse?

You can change the existing status quo of your life by building yourself from the inside out. To build anything and make it stronger as already mentioned, sometimes we need to break the thing completely down, like when we were kids, and glue it together with the strongest of superglue. Look around you, you can see that everything is made up of atoms and particles. These are bonded together by a very strong force as well. When you want to rebuild yourself, remember it will require you to examine, break down and let go of your own ego: perhaps your attachment to certain beliefs, perhaps your attachment to a negative life story, or an addiction to a certain repeated behavioral patterns that no longer serves you. All of these egoic attachments that we all hold onto limit our lives tremendously, most of the time without us even knowing. A very direct question that is not often asked is: Do you like your life and the situation you find yourself in? Examine your life, turn it over, take some time to look deeply within yourself and really answer this question. For yourself, no one else. We somehow think everything is beyond our doing, when it is not. Until we examine these egoic attachments, our life cannot transform. Could it be time to take strong and effective action to finally release and let these attachments go? This is where YOI shines.

Taking charge of a daily practice like YOI could be the thing that lands in your lap: the whisper of help from the universe that you’ve been waiting for. It is a well proven, scientific and ancient Himalayan complete wellness system that may be the solution you have been seeking. For example, as a result of clearing your negative emotions, traumas of childhood and the past or even the negative belief system about yourself can help you easily attract the life you want to create.  You could attract that promotion at work or experience much better family relationships with your spouse and children. When these negative emotions, stress and traumas are no longer within you, you will feel more confident and better equipped to take on the world. You will feel like the King or Queen of your own castle! People around you will feel this and gravitate to you. People love to help and be around people who are happy and positive. These are some of the positive spin-offs from YOI you can expect. Better health, attaining your goals and feelings of peace are a given with daily practice of YOI.

If this has piqued your interest and Yoga of Immortals is something you may want to take the first step towards, you can find different global Yoga of Immortals Teachers on weekly 30 minute live Meetup sessions. Yoga of Immortals is also on LinkedIN with many short practical videos to really help you to begin the journey to positively transform your life right away. Is it time?

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