How I overcame loneliness and found inner peace in 3 weeks

Could this very well be your solution too?

This is my story.

My name is Pujaa Bhatia and I came to the United States only 9 short months ago in October of  2020. The pandemic was still in full swing and even though much time had passed, I was still grieving the loss of my loving and caring Mother as I had lost her at a young age. I was still feeling very tender and I was completely emotionally and financially dependent on my Father.

My wonderful Father took good care of me and was an upright and highly spiritual person. He practiced these powerful ancient meditative techniques called ‘Yoga of Immortals’ of which I knew very little about. He practiced these ancient and powerful YOI protocols with discipline every day and helped a large number of people to transform their lives from scratch to achieve holistic wellness. I did not practice these ancient yogic meditation techniques at all, yet I saw how they helped him and the people around him.  

In 2018, I was so excited to get the chance to fulfill my dream to complete a Masters of Education from Lakehead University in Canada. I passed all my courses and graduated with flying colors! I was on top of the world! My life was moving forward and new possibilities for me were opening up.

A week later, my father met with a serious accident and passed away within the year. I was devastated. 

With both of my parents now gone, I felt so utterly alone. My life felt completely shattered. My heart was so full of pain with not a soul to help me or for me to rely on. Loneliness descended upon me like a blanket, completely enveloping me. 

The day came when it was the first anniversary of my Father’s death and I was wishing and hoping for something, just anything, to pick me up and encourage me in my life. This was such a difficult day; yet, they say your parents are always watching you and blessing you always from heaven… and they were! This was the day that I was introduced to the ancient yogic kriyas and meditation that my father had been doing all those years – and there was finally a way for me to be guided and practice them in my own apartment through a YOI APP. This was such a crucial time for me to begin practicing the ancient ‘Yoga of Immortals’ protocols and it happened on my dear Father’s anniversary! I felt him around me, loving me unconditionally, blessing me. Due to practicing the powerful and holistic YOI protocols, the loneliness in my heart began to lift, I felt more and more confident with more inner peace filling my being every day.

In 3 short weeks of integrating YOI in your life, a person can achieve so much and transform their lives! Yoga of Immortals has been medically proven by a scientific study(2020) led by a global group of medical doctors. Many outstanding results began to trickle in at the 3 week mark of this medical study. The medical doctors heading this study were absolutely flabbergasted at the positive results of these YOI protocols and in such a short span of time! There was a 72% reduction in moderate to severe depression in only 8 weeks of practice. The results for insomnia and anxiety also started to really show at the 3 week mark with generalized anxiety dropping by 75% by the 8 week mark. In the Yoga of Immortals medical scientific study with over 1,000 participants, 82% of subjects who were experiencing moderate to severe insomnia had their sleep patterns completely normalize. Their quality of life improved by 77%, this even during the pandemic as of June 2020. 

The founder of Yoga of Immortals is Ishan Shivanand, a Himalayan monk with a mission to help ‘make good people better’. He has been teaching these ancient YOI protocols for many years around the world and is a sought after speaker and expert teacher for many Fortune 500 companies. Ishan Shivanand and his YOI team have put these ancient and powerful YOI protocols in an easy, modern and structured form. They are accessible to me and everyone who so chooses through a YOI APP as well as through accessible weekly live ‘Yoga of Immortals  Meetup’ sessions with the different global Yoga of Immortals Teachers. 

Learning to integrate and practice these YOI protocols was the most crucial point of my life so I could feel happy, supported and confident again in the world – even without my parents’ physical presence here. Yoga of Immortals enabled me to rise up again and shake off that blanket of loneliness once and for all! It has helped me immeasurably. That is why I feel the need to write about YOI here so others can do their own research and see if they would also like to learn how to integrate it positively into their own lives. I feel Yoga of Immortals is an extremely important ancient holistic tool to instill resilience as well as mental and emotional health into the next generation.

I started following Ishan Shivanand’s instructions and practicing YOI techniques daily to the best of my ability with real enthusiasm. Eventually, I realized that the deep inner feeling at the core of my heart which had been loneliness was getting replaced with lots of hope for my present and future. I began to feel deeply that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that I am not alone – even after the loss of my parents. I began to feel more and more optimistic with each and every day of YOI practice and the sun began to shine for me once again. 

Then I discovered the Live weekly ‘Yoga of Immortals Meetup’. I felt even more positive transformation taking place when I started attending these YOI Meetups regularly. YOI Meetups are a great live platform where fully trained different global Yoga of Immortals Teachers  take you through an easy 30 minute YOI session and train you with these ancient and effective YOI techniques. To my surprise, whenever I attended a YOI Meetup, an emotional release would happen. In fact, I even remembered and released my Father’s accident as well as felt the pain and suffering in my heart release and leave my body, getting replaced with acceptance and love in my heart naturally. I even made a personal commitment to myself that my priority would be to attend the weekly live YOI Meetup. It is an enriching and empowering session each and every week for me. With a bit of time and continually attending these powerful YOI Meetup sessions and giving it my all during these 30 minute live sessions, I felt my heart getting lighter and lighter each and every time.

It was a wonderful experience and amazing feeling that every week I met a new YOI teacher from different parts of the world: Austria, Canada, Mauritius and the United States to name a few. I felt deeply in my heart the intense commitment and compassion they had for each one of us to release and let go of the past, to live fully in the present and move on with inner peace, inner strength and hope.

In the short span of 6 months, I was able to understand the importance of letting go of attachments, accepting the present, cultivating gratefulness and focusing on working hard in the positive and the right direction for me.

My feelings changed from loneliness to happiness and calmness, my priorities changed and I was able to have a breakthrough in my career as I got my first full-time job. Additionally, I understood the cruciality of perseverance in following the YOI protocols and the live YOI Meetups for me. Then, as my first work contract was ending very soon, I had the deep desire to find employment before that contract ended. I wanted to have a seamless resume for prospective employers which showed them I did indeed possess a good work ethic. Practising the YOI protocols helped me with that goal too! I learned how to manifest and create abundance in my life through these ancient YOI practices. It took me a lot of courage to finally start my career again after my Father had passed away and I was determined not to have any breaks in my employment history now.

I learnt through the live YOI Meetups that when a change comes within, it always reflects outside in our health, relationships, success level, and in every aspect of our life. I am glad to share with you that I landed a new job very quickly before my other contract ended. It was all in divine timing and I definitely felt my practice of YOI kept me feeling happy and healthy so I could easily attract a wonderful new job. There were definitely continued grounds for beautiful hope in my life. With YOI as my powerful ally, I had continually kept shrugging off the blanket of loneliness to a point where it no longer encompassed me –  and it felt great!

The main idea I want to share with you is that change and sometimes perceived chaos will come into your life and there will also be distractions and challenges from time to time. However, for me, my continuous practice of Yoga of Immortals has enabled me to become resilient and able to handle the outside world in a positive manner. No matter what is happening outside, I feel calm and happy.

Continuous practice of Yoga of Immortals will enable a person to transform every challenging, negative feeling or situation into a positive outcome. In the end, regardless of the ‘chaos’ outside, you will still have the ability to achieve inner peace. Once you are feeling peace and harmony within yourself, you will be in a situation to create that happiness, harmony and peace in every aspect of your life. 

It is my hope that people will see the immense value of practising these powerful YOI protocols sourced directly from the Himalayan yogi masters from ancient India so that people from all walks of life can easily transform their lives in a positive and worthwhile direction and achieve the holistic wellness they are searching for!

Learn how to integrate YOI powerful modalities into your routine by checking out the weekly 30 minute live Yoga of Immortals Meetups by global YOI Teachers and Yoga of Immortals LinkedIN. I’m so glad I did!

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