Can a Life Purpose Really Become Crystal Clear?

It was a very fine morning, until I bothered my Mom.

I was the child with the curious eyes and mind and I just had to ask her, “Hey Mom, why am I here?”

She gave me a confused look and thought maybe I was in the kitchen to grab a snack. She said, “Lunchtime is over, you are not getting a snack – no”. I shrugged my shoulders and replied, “No, I mean: “Why am I on this earth?’”

She was terrified of my question and sent me away by saying, “Ask your father”.

So, I went on to ask my Dad as instructed, “‘Hey Dad, why am I on this earth?” I guess he had had a rough day so he simply answered, “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

I didn’t quite understand what that meant. I continued with my day casually and asked my friends (they were the same age as I was: 9 years old). They said maybe because God wanted us to be here. Well, that certainly didn’t make any sense to me either.

During my Summer vacation, we were at my Granny’s place and I also asked her, “Nanny, why did God send us to this earth?” She said I was too young to understand the meaning of life and I should go out and play. I finally left that question behind and thought to myself, well perhaps there is no reason as to why we are here on this earth.

Time passed by and I was soon seventeen years old, and I still vividly remember that fateful phone call. My younger brother on the phone sobbing, saying to me, “Dad is no more”.

I still to this day don’t have the words to express my emotions. But I still feel the pain of my father not being around. My Mom didn’t know how to react and weeks turned into months. My mother no longer was able to speak normally to us. Perhaps she was in shock. It was as if we had lost our Mom as well as our Dad on that fateful day. One evening, my mom asked me, ‘What is the meaning of this life?’ I tried to pacify her, but I really didn’t have an answer. I remembered my question asked of her so long ago when I was a child and it rekindled something within me. I was now even more curious to understand and find the purpose of this life

Later on, one afternoon, one of my Mom’s friends was visiting her casually. Her friend insisted my mother needed to start meditating in order to find a purpose for her life. My Mom’s friend was practicing Yoga of Immortals (YOI). As it would soon be a special powerful spiritual time, she insisted my mother attend a YOI meditation retreat with her. We children all agreed it would be a great thing for her to do in order to find a more meaningful and happy life.

She was absolutely hesitant and didn’t know what was in store for her, yet she decided to go to the Yoga of Immortals retreat anyway. She went to the retreat that evening and that was when my Mom found the purpose of her life!

After the Yoga of Immortals meditation retreat it was as if my Mom found a new lease on life – a brand new meaning to her individuality. She smiled more often and her laughter filled our family home and our hearts.

Since I am quite a keen and curious child, I followed my mother to the YOI retreat to see for myself what had transformed her previously unexplored life into one that was so full of happiness.

Enter the person giving the retreat, Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand. I had never met my grandfather but my mother said she saw her father in him. What a gift! From the day Dr. Shivanand entered our lives, we were able to discern for ourselves the purpose of life. We learned so much as we did our best to attend as many YOI sessions as we could. We did this so we could learn more about life and what the purpose of our birth was. We were ready and open to explore ideas and to find answers to the questions that we were asking ourselves. Many people never find the answers to these questions, but we were determined to seek out our answers. Dr. Shivanand and the founder of Yoga of Immortals, Ishan Shivanand were exactly what we needed to get us going in the direction that helped us on our life journey.

I sometimes still ask my friends, ‘What is the purpose of your life?’ So many have no idea and are quite, as they say, “clueless” for lack of a better word. Some may think suffering and pain is the reason why they are here. They really believe this – I personally believe that no one is born for the purpose of experiencing suffering and pain.

So, what is the purpose of your life? Is it simply to experience the greatness of Nature, of the Universe? You may wonder, how is that even possible? Allow me, if you will, to assist in the search: do your own research on ‘Yoga of Immortals’. Yoga of Immortals is the science of the yogis of the Himalayas and ancient India that has been redesigned and recreated to fit this modern time by Ishan Shivanand, founder of Yoga of Immortals as well as the son of Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand. Ishan Shivanand has spent his childhood and adolescent years living the life of a monk in India. One of the biggest reasons why I started practicing Yoga of Immortals is because of Ishan’s purpose in life. His purpose is: ‘To help good people become better’. When I heard that for the first time, I was astonished and surprised that there are still great humans out there, who really want to help people. It made me feel so hopeful!

It is this very purpose: ‘To help good people become better’ which attracted me to begin my practice of YOI. Many of us are tired and bored of our mundane life. Some of us may feel: ‘God did not give us this life just to pay bills’ at least of that I am quite sure. If the reason for this life is not money and to pay bills, then what is it exactly? You may pick any great person who has walked this earth and you will hear stories of how they helped mankind. They may have gotten a revolution going and made things better, simpler and happier for the people around them. In the new social media trend, many people want to put the best story of their life on social media – even if they are really suffering from serious mental illness like depression, anxiety or hyper stress. They portray their ‘perfect’ life on social media.

Now imagine living in a genuine state of bliss and fulfilling your life purpose. There are so many people out there, still wondering what exactly is the purpose of my life? By the time many people realize the purpose of their life, it’s too late.

Yoga of Immortals can help you unleash your untapped potential and discover the meaning and purpose of your life. A true blissed-out self that is waiting to express and experience nothing but the greatness of life. Imagine waking up to a life you are grateful for, planning things and then achieving them – doesn’t the sound of that bring a happy smile to your face? The way you used to smile when you were a child?

You can live and be the hero in your own story.

A life without purpose is like a soccer field without a goal post – you will only run on the field, not knowing where to strike a goal. As a child, we go to school and we know that after X number of years we will graduate and move on to high school and then perhaps to college. That is the purpose – knowing what to achieve and by when. We all set targets for ourselves, so why not for our lives as well? Why can’t we plan the best events that should happen in our life?

If you want to live a fulfilling life – healthy at every level (mentally, physically, emotionally), prosperity, harmonious relationships at home and great career – or any other purpose that excites your soul and makes you happy, then practicing Yoga of Immortals practices could be your next step in life’s journey to fulfilment. Check out ‘Yoga of Immortals’ on LinkedIn and YOI live weekly Meetup with different global YOI Teachers to learn more about these amazing and powerful Yoga of Immortals protocols sourced directly from the yogi masters of the Himalayas and ancient India which can help you to live your best life and fulfil your own Soul agenda.

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