Awaken the Sleeping Giant Within You Through YOI

Potential… What a potent word!

Dormant potential speaks to the field of possibilities inherent in something: the seed of a beautiful flower, of a tree or of a human being. It’s that feeling of potential we all know is there, but sometimes seems to be just beyond our grasp… Think of it initially existing somewhat like a seed, disguised as small and ordinary, but when nourished, activated and given a conducive environment, it is capable of transforming into something as enormous and extraordinary as a great and solid oak tree. 

Today I wish to share some insights about Yoga of Immortals (YOI), which is the complete system of ancient yoga and its benefits through this lens of ‘potential. YOI is so expansive and powerful and has been practiced for thousands and thousands of years by the Himalayan and ancient Indian yogis. The founder of Yoga of Immortals, Ishan Shivanand, has re-designed these ancient YOI protocols to fit these modern times. When I began practicing YOI, it created the most favourable environment in my life whereby the potential seed within began cracking open, allowing me to grow in ways I had never before imagined for myself. The beauty of this dormant potential lies in this being a universal story applicable to each and every one of us. For we all have our untapped potential and unique gifts to unfold to the world and the path of YOI is so accessible to all of us. 

Are you ready to be all you have ever wished to be and more? Then I invite you to read on with this inspiration and intention. 

The Potential of Yoga of Immortals

What do I mean by the potential of Yoga of Immortals? Yoga in its truest sense means ‘union’. The masters of the Himalayas and ancient India, over thousands and thousands of years, developed the wisdom of the complete ancient system of yoga as a means for ordinary beings to raise their consciousness to its highest expression and thus experience this union with the universal consciousness. The term we all know as yoga is indeed much deeper than most of us realise. It is much more than a set of movements, breathwork or the multitude of variations on yoga that have sprung up in our modern times in the name of yoga. 

Once we have made this differentiation and not equated yoga as just a form of exercise or mindfulness – we are then able to develop a profound relationship with the process and unfold its true potential. In its true essence, yoga’s fundamental power is to completely transform our life and lead us to self actualization: to take us to our true Self. What many people practice today is not the full complete and ancient powerful yoga that exists. It is a very small portion of the whole. The yoga most people practice will naturally improve conditions in the physical body but this is just one aspect. The impact of the whole rare and ancient Yoga system is so far reaching it can extend to all areas of one’s life bringing balance and alignment wherever there is disharmony – from relationships to career, our emotions to our mind. It positively heals and transforms on each and every level you can imagine: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – basically in every single aspect of life.  It is the ultimate enlightening journey of the body, mind and soul. 

Many are familiar with yoga as a tool for well-being, which it certainly is, but far fewer people are aware of its incredible potential for unlocking our very being and our intrinsic capacities to create and manifest what all we desire that is for our highest ultimate good. 

Awakening your Seed of Potential through YOI

There are many paths of yoga one can choose to travel on. All of these yoga paths will ultimately lead to the same destination but the experience, depth or flavor of the journey will be quite different. The choice of which path we decide to take is ours and ours alone.

Yoga of Immortals (YOI) is one such path offering a unique, ancient and powerful combination of physical processes, yogic breathwork, and rare Sadhanas sourced directly from ancient India and the Himalayan yogis themselves. There exists no word in the English language for the word ‘sadhana’. Sadhana is the ancient and powerful process of going deeply within to understand the Self, discover one’s purpose in life and ultimately move towards self-realization. Sadhana is different from meditation in that it is not a single technique or a set of techniques but a continued holistic practice that has been passed down and mastered by the Yogis of the Himalayas and ancient India for thousands and thousands of years. It also uses holistic wellness positive mind training through the scientific use of sound through the rare and universal powerful mantras that existed eons before world religions came into play. It has been medically proven in an in-depth  YOI scientific study (University of Cincinnati, June 2020) completed by a global team of medical doctors that YOI protocols effectively bring about wellness on all levels.

Founded by Himalayan monk Ishan Shivanand,Yoga of Immortals is a complete and holistic presentation of the ancient yogic wisdom of the Himalayan and ancient India masters adapted for modern times in a series of transformative and intensive protocols. 

So can YOI awaken the seed of potential within you?

As a practitioner of Yoga of Immortals, I have experienced the benefits myself in the following ways: 

  1. YOI strengthens and grounds the body: Having a strong, healthy and efficient body filled with vitality and energy gives us a firm foundation to live life to its fullest. When our body is operating at its maximum efficiency and potential, we can do and be so much more with greater ease and enjoyment. Our body is able to take on and back up all that we wish to create. It can now keep up with our inspired actions with enthusiasm. I mentioned grounding because as we begin to take in much greater amounts of energy through the YOI rare sadhanas, it’s important to ensure our physical body has the capacity to allow these energies to flow freely through our system. We need to stay grounded just like a light switch, so that we work at an optimum level. This is a wonderful spin off benefit of YOI: it allows you to tap into, increase and hold more energy at all levels: physically, emotionally and mentally in a very deeply relaxing and comfortable way.
  2. YOI creates emotional harmony: Emotions are a very natural part of our human makeup; however, as energy in motion, our emotions can wreak havoc in our system if we are at their mercy. Through the daily YOI protocols, we are given a very effective means of completely releasing any accumulated stress, negative emotions, or even past traumas we may be holding onto in our body and energy centers. Furthermore, as we consistently practice the YOI protocols, we gain a certain emotional balance and mastery – we evolve from being reactionary to responsive. We begin to accept and process negative emotions quickly and with ease. With YOI practice, we increasingly access states of positive emotions such as gratitude, joy and unconditional love. Emotions start to work for us rather than against us, helping us to live up to our true nature and potential.
  3. YOI strengthens our will: Our solar plexus, located in the area of the belly button, is the seat of our willpower: where there’s a will there’s a way! The YOI protocols will clear, balance and activate this energy center so that there is a newfound and genuine self-confidence within us which leads to a great sense of empowerment to pursue our dreams with determination. We are much less swayed by other people’s opinions and the myriad of external influences that may oppose us. We stand firm in our resolve to create a destiny which is to our liking and fulfills us absolutely.
  4. YOI cultivates and creates open-heartedness: As a protective mechanism, we may have learned in the course of our life to close our heart in order to protect ourselves from pain, sorrow and the like. As we journey on the path of YOI, we begin to break down this hard protective wall to reclaim our original nature of innocence, happiness and awe. We can feel safe to truly open every facet of our being. As we open, our consciousness is free to rise and expand. We perceive ourselves and the world with fresh eyes allowing us to embrace our potential and the potential in all around us with a deep gratitude and acceptance. Gratitude becomes a natural expression and we attract more and more wonderful things in our life for which to be grateful. This heartfelt gratitude is what enables this cycle of abundance and positivity to perpetually continue in our life. Being open-hearted, we develop a deeper relationship with our Self, with those around us and with the process of life. It truly opens doors like nothing else!
  5. YOI encourages creative expression: The YOI protocols allow energy to start flowing more freely through the various energy centers and meridians of our body. A natural outcome of this is that we start expressing our truth with more ease and comfort. There is also a distinct increase in our creative abilities in whichever expression it takes for us: be it writing, flashes of inspiration for breakthrough ideas or actions in your profession, creative new ways to do things, new inventions, painting, cooking, or music to name but a few. We begin to play with the creation process in all areas of our life and fine tune our abilities to bring inspirations into form. In this realm of inspired creativity our potential is truly limitless.
  6. YOI develops clarity, focus and shifts in perception: Left to its own devices, an unkempt mind can make life a misery. The rare protocols of the mind training aspect of YOI have proven very effective in providing an impeccable housekeeping service for the mind and with it the brain and nervous system. It is only once we have begun to purge and release ourselves of the limiting belief systems, traumas and negative impressions we have inadvertently picked up throughout our life that we can start expanding into our potential. We have more clarity on our purpose and now develop the focus to stay unwaveringly on the path we have set out on. Because the mind is now calm and clear, we are able to make the right decision at the right time at the right place. Coming out of our comfort zone to embrace our potential can be stressful. Through the YOI protocols and processes, we can transform our relationship with stress so that it isn’t something we are phased by and in fact, it can be used by us to navigate uncharted areas with more confidence and ease.
  7. YOI brings alignment and connection: Consistent practise of the YOI protocols will align our body, our energies, our emotions and our mind so that we are balanced and in harmony with our Self. We develop a closer connection to our own true nature and we are empowered to operate from this place of authenticity and inner guidance rather than based on external influences and conditionings. As a consequence, we can flow with life rather than struggle against the tide. We can really find lasting happiness and fulfilment as we begin to embody ourselves more completely. There is no doubt that so much more could be written about Yoga of Immortals as it is a path that leads directly to the most incredible potential to help us grow in countless ways. It remains for each one of us to discover all we have ever wished to be and more by walking the path we choose. YOI is truly an incredible journey, one I hope you may feel inspired to take!

If this article about Yoga of Immortals has piqued your curiosity, you can check out the weekly 30 minute live Yoga of Immortals Meetups with different global YOI Teachers or follow Yoga of Immortals on LinkedIn. 

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